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"Under Rocks turns brands into culture.

Or is the other way around..."


about under rocks

Brand Marketing for sincere growth


Having a brand is an opportunity to bring like minded people together - to stand-up for, represent and shout about the values, passions and enjoyable stuff that is important to them and their followers.


Interactions have one chance to capture prospect fans.

Under Rocks helps brands resonate, their purpose and values distinct, consistent, clear. 

It works with brands whose decisions come from an instinctive and intuitive place; an underground - under rocks - approach.


A specialism is developing, formalising and post-rationalising brands that have developed organically - making sense of them as an organisation so that plans and strategy can activate growth.


Under Rocks creates sympathetic, industry recognised tools that help a brand evolve at all stages of its evolution without losing its original essence or fan base: its spark. 


       Activate brand ambitions and growth with aligned and consistent strategy  

       Nurture loyalty with interactions that treat fans like friends instead of customers 


       Benefit from 25+ years of global experience, best practise intel and insights 

       Talk with one unified, distinct and clear voice 



"One of the pioneers"

Terence Parris. PUMA & Diversity Consultant.


Founded and directed by Sarah Feeney.

A remote live-work pioneer with a base in London. A neighborhood agency with global insight.

A Northern Londoner.


under rocks

Hand-picked by VICE Media to launch its beer in NYC

Entrenched brands into the local culture of 80 global cities 

5-years Global Head of Entertainment Marketing at PUMA International

Subject of BBC documentary about brands and sub-culture 


Terence Parris

Sports Brands & Diversity Consultant. PUMA 

“People believe that the brand she is working on, is talking personally to them.

I would highly recommend Sarah in roles that aim to bring brands to life”


brand marketing services

Under Rocks offers seven services in a simple step-by-step process, available individually or as bespoke packages.

Everything needed to start or grow a brand. 


An hour-long mentoring session for all things brand


A 3-hour workshop to define, develop and refine your brand


The foundation to a strong brand

 at any stage of its evolution 


Engage fans with high-performing content that tells your brand's story


Be an authority with editorial-style content by published writers

Bring internal documents to life or choose photography for consumer facing photo stories


A powerful way of aligning to core customers with more emotional connection 


Louis Lewis-Smith

Former Global Brand Ambassador Sailor Jerry


“A savvy independent networker who builds brands into culture - or is it the other way around?"

case studies

VICE Media

Old Blue Last Beer

A short term innovation project - for fun

the modernist Magazine

Issue #33 JUNCTION

xGuest Editor

Sailor Jerry

Rum and Clothing

A Global Culture Program


Counter Culture Clothing Brand

Content Writing


Kevin Beyer 

KBOT Consultancy

"Whether it's creating a brand book, launch plan, developing social media content, or identifying collaborators, the results are smart, strategic, and on-brand."

under rocks is for you if:

the brand has a cult following but where's the growth? 

you need the team to understand - and value - the brands original spark or independent, organic approach  

you need industry recognised tools and documents to ease collaboration with those outside your team

your structure grew organically, it needs making sense of as an organisation, fans need help navigating interactions 

the brand needs one unified voice - people in the organisation all describe the brand differently 

you're a brand or marketing manager, brand founder or entrepreneur, you're starting out, getting going, refreshing or growing


about sarah feeney


An illustrious career working on lifestyle and culture-based brands - was featured in the BBC documentary ‘Cool Hunters’ on how brands infiltrate subculture for authenticity.


A remote live-work pioneer, has spent the last 9-years travelling the globe relentlessly.


Has a clear understanding of aesthetics, culture, lifestyle & influence and is contributor and marketing consultant to the modernist magazine and society, writer for counter-culture clothing brand T*S*P*T*R and her own website The Under Rocks Travel Project.


It's her keen editorial eye that designed, built and provided the photography for the Under Rocks Agency website.


A highly creative brand expert with a unique skill set in brand architecture, DNA, Playbooks, Culture Blueprints, Brand Books, growth and revenue development. 

Doing something because you have the urge to do it, inventing the reason after. 
Tony Wilson. Co-founder of Factory Records.

Martin Morris

Creative Director New Era Cap


“Sarah has a rare and unique talent for brand and marketing strategy. She blends her deep love of culture, art and ideas with her huge experience in marketing to create campaigns that resonate strongly with audiences."


Malcolm McLaren

Cultural Icon


“She really is a very bright girl."

Under rocks works with those making a valuable contribution to culture.
It operates with drive and intent and a commitment to working within the arts, design and independent publishing sectors. 

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Under Rocks is always up to something - a published writer & photographer, there is always plenty to read and look at. Visit the u.r blog or follow photography projects and the Underx Rocks travel guide @under_rocks_sarah_feeneyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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