Content Strategy

Attract and convert prospect visitors with high-value digital content, allow them to discover and engage with your brand organically. 

Under Rocks creates editorial-standard content and front-end strategy.


Meaningful content gives a deeper dive into your brand whilst generating shares and reach that don't have to rely on traditional advertising techniques and paid media alone.


It ensures the right story is being told, key messages are communicated and product credentials understood.


An effective strategy for useful, usable content helps search engines consider you to be an authority on your subject. It helps with ranking, being found online and ultimately, sales.


Valued and relevant content anticipates every possible interest and question asked of a search engine, social media or virtual voice assistant.


It leads the visitor on a journey through your brand marketing, product distribution and sales and encourages repeat business, brand recommendations and reviews.


Content Strategy is the artful blend of digital science and wizardry with editorial-style articles and aesthetics. 


The Process:

The work is informed by your Brand Book's expressions.

If you haven't got a Brand Book, Under Rocks can help with that too. 


The work begins with a Brand Laboratory workshop.


As part of your brand work, this workshop will identify the search topics, interests and passions that are of genuine value and interest to your fans. The work considers all questions of explicit intent a prospect visitor might have - at all stages of their search engine journey.

The result is shareable and ownable Pillars, Content Clusters, Word Palette presented as a takeaway document.

This document is an extension of your Brand Book and is an important part of the briefing process - it's the on-brand intel digital developers need.  


From here, the Content Strategy plans, develops and manages the distribution of that information as well as considering all format needs from a Pillar Page to quips and one-liners for Social Media captions.

The actionable plan is a Content Calendar - the publishing schedule for information across all channels, its frequency and rotation, placement and specific publishing date.

Content Writers are briefed - their work, a highly creative piece of copy with a clear brand voice. Copy that specifically responds to the brands Content Clusters and includes all the Key Words. 

The subsequent adding of calls-to-action (CTA), hyperlinks and embedded visuals and photography feels organic, logical and most importantly for search engines, meaningful and useful.


As well as having access to many journalists and copy writers Under Rocks is also best placed to provide written content based on its broad understanding of Content Strategy. Sarah Feeney is a published creative writer and currently provides Brand Content for counter-culture clothing brand TSPTR and for design and architecture magazine the modernist.

Prices for Content Strategy and writers here


Content Strategy is an on-going process, consider a retainer fee so that the plan can pivot and adapt in real time by the original author.

If you're still unsure which service is for you consider a Brand Help Hotline, the price of which is redeemable against all future bookings.