Culture Blueprints

Discover & define the right local touchpoints through which to seed and elevate your brand at the earliest inception.

Culture Blueprint Marketing is a detailed piece of work with cultural & geographical blueprints embedded, these being intimate intelligence on what resonates with these most culturally influential communities of people, globally.

Create and nurture sincere relationships at a grass-roots level.


A specialism of Under Rocks, its Culture Blueprints are a best kept secret among brands wanting authenticity and access behind the scenes and those who need to know where the action really is and not just where the internet says it is.

This service is especially useful during these times, when in-market research trips are restricted –Under Rocks has a collection of 40+ global Blueprints from Hawaii to Jakarta or request a new blueprint for any city on the planet.


Culture Blueprints compliment Culture Programs - embed your program at a local level. Choose strategic neighbourhoods to create best practise, case studies or test concept within a consciously curated test market or audience.


Culture Blueprints are especially useful if you are launching into a new market or need a local refresh or reboot. 

Culture Blueprints by Under Rocks helped launched Reyka Vodka into South Korea and formed the backbone of its Sailor Jerry Culture Program in 45 countries.

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