At the heart of this iconic multi-category, premium lifestyle brand is its core fans: straight-talking, cynical and skeptical about marketing and advertising. Tasked with launching the brand into new markets via this core group, a "roots-up" strategy was activated —one that would entrench the brand into the local, hard-to-reach culture by identifying the legit crowds and neighbourhoods.


Culture Blueprint Marketing mapped out local networks for recommendations and personal introductions —engaging prospect fans in collaborative and organic projects: creative and bespoke initiatives unique to their neighbourhood

and community. Sarah Feeney personally conducted a unique kind of self-created method research: living and working remotely - embedding Sailor Jerry Rum into the local culture to create brand awareness and revenue development. Culture Blueprints formed the backbone of the work with 40 created across a 7-year timeframe.


A deep-dive into the local culture – engaged, new target consumers and influential partners, won new accounts and achieved extensive grass-roots influence and coverage. 

  • delivered 67 events across 8 countries with 10k people sampled and 2m reached online across one year

  • helped take the business from 5,060-cases to 41,407-cases within 4 years in Australia

  • positioned Sailor Jerry globally in 40 countries including Bali, Tokyo, Sydney, Moscow

a bottle of sailor jerry rum at sarah feeney brand consultancy

Sailor Jerry Rum & Clothing | Global Culture Director 
Work that helped take Sailor Jerry from a 5,060 case business to 41,407 cases within 4-years in Australia alone