A simple and transparent shopping list of services with set prices

Under Rocks works with brands at all stages of their evolution.

Book a single service to fill a gap in thinking or to fulfil the need for industry recognised tools, plans and presentations.


Ideally, start with a Brand Book. An important piece of work at any stage of your brands development but especially useful at the start, or for those who need to post-rationalise and formalise a brand that's already grown organically.


If you're ready to expand the business and recruit additional resource, stakeholders and third partner agencies, invest in brand work now, before expanding - ensure your brand is consistent, aligned, distinct and clear: Get the most out of your working relationships and budget. 

Not sure which service will help realise your brand ambitions?


Start with a Brand Help Hotline and we'll take it from there.

1. Brand Help Hotline: £100 per hour

Redeemable against all subsequent service bookings

(over £1k)

2. Brand Workshop: £600 per 3-hour session

Currently held online or at a location of your choice post-restrictions

3. Brand Books: mini £4,000; deluxe £5,000

(includes 3-hour workshop)

4. Content Strategy Marketing: £4,000

Strategy activation and management: £1,000 pcm

(includes a 3-hour workshop)

5. Writing: £400 per day

6. Photography: £50 per high-res photo

From the library; new photos tbd as per brief

7. Culture Blueprint Marketing: £4,000 per blueprint

*Prices are exclusive of any expenses, to be agreed in advance