Publishers and a society of 20th c. modernist architecture and design enthusiasts with the modernist magazine as its flagship product released quarterly each year. 

Each magazine has its own theme following the letters of the alphabet with one letter being explored across the year.


Originally edited by the modernist society founders Jack Hale and Eddy Rhead it now recruits guest-editors who all bring their own flavour and network, covering a diverse range of modernist subjects from the built environment to public conveniences.


The society is based in Manchester and runs its HQ out of its shop, office and gallery with local city chapters Sheffield, Leeds, Liverpool and Birmingham all amplifying and contributing to the societies work. 

Its patrons are Johnny Marr and Jonathan Meades, writer, broadcaster and resident of Le Corbusier's Unite d'Habitation.


To nominate and explore a modernist theme based around the letter J - with issue #33 being the first in the series. 

Source, invite and manage 12 guest-writers all writing 1000 x words each around the magazine theme.


The brief welcomed broad interpretations of the theme - either figuratively or literally - so long as the subject matter was of interest to fans of the modernist.


The theme of Junction was chosen as it leant itself to the figurative kind of junction: those between being in and out of favour; junctions with establishment on one side and count culture on the other spaces evolved from many cultural moments and junctions that connect where you're from, to where you went, to where you've returned.


And of course, the concrete sort.

High calibre and industry respected journalists such as Michael Holden and Stephen Beale contributed as well as household names Wayne Hemingway and Chris Difford from iconic band Squeeze.

Japanese Haiku's, photo stories, architects models and personal anecdotes all explored stories and academic pieces about Spaghetti Junction, film and song Up the Junction, Southampton Bus Station

and Dalston Junction. 

"A best seller and one of my favourites in a long time"

Eddy Rhead

Founder, Director and Editor

the modernist | Guest Editor | Issue #33 JUNCTION
Bringing a theme to life whilst adhering to the brand tone of voice